Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Brain Health / Marco Lanzarote

A new word in my vocabulary is “microbiome” and I came across it as it relates to bacteria in the human gut which scientists are now studying. It actually refers to “bacteria living in the gastro-intestinal tract” and plays “a complex and critical role in the health of its host”.  

The studies done so far are probably common knowledge but now scientists are interested in understanding not just how the microbiome affects the organs of the body but also how it affects the brain, in order to develop potential gut-based treatments for “neuropsychiatric disorders”.

I understand that a healthy gut is important  to overall health and I want to see if they can find new treatments for depression or possibly even other psychiatric disorders now that we have reached the stage where resistant 20th century antibiotics etc. are causing scientists to re-examine our relationship with bacteria in the 21st century.

See: The Conversation.com/uk

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